Check Airtel Broadband Internet Data Usage Easily – Airtel Smartbytes

Airtel is one among the prominent Internet Service Providers in India and offers high-speed broadband internet with varieties of plans and pricing. When we get high-speed data, we often exceed our normal usage and tend to consume more data. This may lead to exhaustion of data and increased expenditure on monthly broadband charges.

Here is a way to check your Airtel Broadband Internet Data Usage Using Airtel Smartbytes.



  • How to check Airtel broadband balance?
  • How to check Airtel internet balance using Smartbytes?
  • How can I check my internet balance of Airtel broadband connection?

Use Airtel Smartbytes to Check Airtel Broadband Usage

You might have kept the Windows automatic updates on or had a torrent client running on which you forgot to stop the seeding or any other activity which resulted in excessive data usage. By knowing the current status of data consumption, it will be easy to manage the remaining data to avoid any excess charges or to stretch the current plan until the end of the month,

There are other broadband service providers with whom you would have to signup and create an account to check your data usage or internet balance. Airtel provides you with an easy way to check your data balance from your computer or mobile phone just by visiting the URL.

Here is how you can check and manage your broadband data usage.

Visit this URL  Airtel Broadband balance check from your Airtel connection to know the data usage. Your mobile phone or computer must be connected to the internet via the same connection for which you need to check the broadband internet balance.

Airtel Broadband Balance Check URL: Check Airtel Broadband Internet Balance

Once you are on the Smartbytes page, click on broadband to know your Airtel broadband balance.


You will be able to see information related to your connection such as your current Airtel broadband plan, data consumed, data remaining, the number of days remaining for the billing cycle to refresh etc.

Checking your data balance is a hassle-free process without any registration and signing in.

Also if your data is exhausted or is on the verge of getting exhausted, then you can purchase a top up and add the additional data to your plan.

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