9 Best ExtraTorrent Alternative Sites – 2019

Torrent sites often gets hit by law suits and may result in getting blocked by Internet Service Providers in certain countries. ExtraTorrent was no exception. It is common to get blocked by ISPs due to the nature of these websites.

No Torrent site can evade the authorities to avoid getting blacklisted. If not now, some other time, they get banned and becomes inaccessible to users residing in that particular country. Such cases are common these days and nobody is actually worried about it, even the team running the torrent website.


But, when the damage is hard, and you have struggled enough to get past all these bans by creating proxies and mirror sites, you surrender by shutting down the website. It is seen before, that creators had shutdown Torrentz search engine which was the well know among the community and was considered as the “Google” of Torrentz.

ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites and Mirrors

There are different Proxies and Mirrors of ExtraTorrent which serves its purpose. Proxies sites are almost the same as the original site as the traffic is redirected or served from a different domain other than the main domain. But, Mirror sites are not actual sites but an exact copy of the original site (in looks) which are hosted on different servers and operated by people different from the original team.

List of Working ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites and Mirrors

These are the working ExtraTorrent Proxy and Mirror site that we were able to find at present. More, working proxies will be added when available.

Sites Like ExtraTorrent: 9 Best Alternatives

You never know until a torrent site gets shutdown. Therefore it is better to search and save or bookmark these list of best extratorrent alternatives.



1337x is one of the most popular torrent site which can be considered as an alternative to extratorrent.

1337x is neat, elegant, dependable and trusted by millions of users. 1337x has been providing content to its users since the beginning and is still stand strong. One of the main attraction towards 1337x is its perfect and unique way of organizing the torrents into respective sections which makes it easier for the users to search and download the content they seek for.

It isn’t hard to find a material from 1337x if it exists. Morover, the torrent files are genuine and the probability to get a fake torrent file is very low as the community pretty much active. If it is a fake upload, it can be spotted by reading the comment section easily.

Kickass Torrents


Kickass Torrents, which is also known as KAT among the torrent community, was once the best of the best torrent website which offered files from different categories. KAT received millions and millions of traffic each day and was capable of providing seamless service to its visitors.

But the fate was against Kickass torrents, and their founder was arrested and jailed by authorities. This led to the downfall of the website and KAT was down for some days. This downfall affected a lot of users and they were hopeless as the creator was in police custody.

This came to an end when a group of people took the initiative to revive the site and bring back the best they could. It took a lot of effort and time and they were able to at least bring back the major functionalities of the site.

Despite these issues, KAT faced a huge number of DDOS attacks during that time and even now. The Kickass torrents which you can see today is much better and similar to the previous.

The present Kickass Torrents can be considered as one of the best alternatives to ExtraTorrent due to its content structure and reliability. Files are neatly organised into different categories. If you are not using any mirror sites, then there won’t be much annoying popups.

Glo Torrents


Glo torrents does not age back to the beginning of other prominent ones, but is old enough to have a reputation among other sites.

Glo torrents has a wide range of categories, more of which can be considered as sub-categories of the main ones. All the new files are uploaded quickly and has an active community of uploaders who always uploads genuine contents.



YIFY Torrents does not need an introduction. If you are a movie buff and an active torrent users, then YIFY is your one stop destination for high quality movie downloads. YIFY offers movie downloads mainly in two quality. ie, 1080P and 720P.

If you are looking for a reliable source to download high quality movies with less file size, then you can take YIFY as a best extratorrent alternative to download HQ movies.

If the above link does not work, you can use some of the YIFY proxies to access the website.



LimeTorrents provides Movies, Tv Shows and many other types of contents which are neatly organized under specific categories. Like all major torrent site, LimeTorrents also have millions of active users. You can see less popups if you are using the official domain which is linked above in the title. However, using mirrors and proxies might give you some trouble with the popups.

If the primary domain is not available, you can use some of the LimeTorrents proxies to unblock the website.



It wasn’t easy to visit each torrent website like extratorrents to search for a specific file to find out if it exists or not. There was high requirement of a Torrent Search Engine, where Torrentz came to the rescue.

It operated for many years and crawled different torrent websites to index all types of file so that users can simply perform a normal search. The search results has different torrent sites listed under, which tells the users that they can download the file from either of these websites. This made the whole process a lot easier.

Later after major torrent sites like PirateBay, Kickass Torrents got hit by legal suits, Torrentz bade farewell and its departure was discussed all over the internet.

After some time, Torrentz2 which claims to be the successor of the previous Torrentz which are made by a different team, came to the rescue. Torrentz2 which is still operating now with a very much similar user interface, made it easier to search files.



Monova is a lowkey website which offers similar services like others do. But to be frank, the homepage and their structuring of contents into different categories isn’t that much appealing.

You can get different categories of files which are easily downloadable using any torrent client available. If Monova can be considered as an alternative to Extratorrent if the above ones failed to serve you.



ThePirateBay or TPB is well known among the torrent community. They were once the king of torrenting, but got hit by a number of lawsuits and its founders got arrested which resulted in the shutdown of the site.

Later, the community took responsibility and resurrected it to the one which is available today. Even though the site is functional, it has lost its charm during these years. But still, a number of files get uploaded and has an active fan base which takes care of the functionality of the site.



Unlike others, EZTV focuses mainly on TV Shows. You can find almost every TV Shows which have already aired and list of episodes which will be aired shortly. If you are someone who bingewatches TV shows, then EZTV will be of interest to you.

Conclusion of ExtraTorrent Alternatives

ExtraTorrent is loved by millions of users across the world. Due to legal issues and ISP bans, ExtraTorrent is not available to many. These are the alternatives that can be used instead.

It is adviced to use a secure VPN before using any torrent service to hide your location and IP address.

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes only. NextBuffer or its team does not promote piracy of any kind. Downloading pirated contents is a punishable offence.

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