Best EZTV Proxy and Mirror Sites to Unblock EZTV

EZTV proxy sites and mirrors are used to unblock EZTV torrents where the website is blocked by Internet Service Providers. Unlike most of the torrent websites, EZTV concentrates only on TV RIPs. They RIP TV series and similar Television content and provides it to users for free.

The website of EZTV is not that impressive, as its user interface seems a bit old fashioned and the content organizing is not that good. Although it lacks in certain sections of their service, it does not compromise on the quality of the content they distribute.

TV Show and TV Series are provided to users for free download in the qualities which they want.


The top section of the website contains three parts which are used for displaying the TV Show Episodes that will be aired today, to display website news and the last is to display important notifications.

Below these sections is the list of recently added torrents.

List of EZTV Proxy Sites and Mirrors

EZTV Proxy ListStatus

Need of Proxies and Mirrors to Unblock EZTV

EZTV, like its companions, promotes pirated digital contents which makes themselves a target of government and law enforcement agencies.

Due to several complaints, ISPs in different countries are instructed to block the domains of the website. To circumvent this block and serve its users with the files they want, the group themselves created several other aliases to the original domain.

These aliases are called proxies and even proxies get banned overtime. When one proxy is down, the team comes with another working proxy.

Accessing EZTV Using VPNs

The most recommended method for accessing torrent sites like EZTV is using a VPN. Proxy just provides a way to get connected with the server and does not provide much security in most of the cases.

This may have several consequences including spying and monitoring by government agencies. To avoid such troubles, users are advised to use VPNs to download their favourite files.

There are some of the VPNs which we recommend using to bypass the ISP block. Not all VPNs supports peer to peer connections, which is essential for torrents to work. Below are some of the best VPNs to use while accessing torrents.

  1. Express VPN
  2. Nord VPN
  3. CyberGhost VPN

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