KAT Proxy – Kickass Torrents Proxy Sites and Mirrors [Updated 2019]

Kickass torrents have been in the game since beginning with Piratebay and other famous torrent sites. It has gone through lots of troubles to keep the service running. We’ll see how Kickass torrents can be unblocked using Kickass Proxy sites and mirrors.

Like many sites in the torrent niche, Kickass faced various lawsuits and even included the arrest of the founder Artem Vaulin. His one single careless mistake has triggered a chain of events including his arrest and shut down of service. The website was completely broken. There was no hope that it will come back online again.

But, some group of people decided to work on the site and after lots of struggle, they were able to bring back the site online but with lots of bugs and broken features. Users were not in a position to complain about the situation of the site as all were aware of the events that took place.

Even now, the site is having lots of troubles. To add to the trouble, the website faces a high amount of DDOS attacks from different parts of the world. But the site still stands and continue to provide services to its millions of users.

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List of Kickass Proxy Sites and Mirrors

Kickass ProxyStatus

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Use VPN to Unblock Kickass Torrents (Most Recommended)

This is the most recommended method to access blocked Kickass Torrents. Proxy servers do not provide much security to users and their online activity might be visible to others. To have a safe and secure connection to the host server, one must use a VPN.

VPN uses tunnelling protocols to create a safe and secure encrypted path between the client and the server. This tunnel is not accessible to others.

There are a lot of VPN providers but not many of them support torrents. You must install a VPN which supports peer to peer connection.

Some of the Best VPNs to access Kickass Torrents are

  1. Express VPN
  2. Nord VPN
  3. CyberGhost VPN


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