YIFY Proxy – 100% Working YTS Proxy Sites and Mirrors [Updated 2019]

YTS or YIFY torrents started off as an uploader of high-quality movie torrents to sites like 1337x. YIFY group harnessed trust from the users as the content they provided were of superior quality and there were no fakes. YIFY torrents uploaded movies mainly in two different qualities which were 720P and 1080P. Even though the files were of great quality, they didn’t have a much larger size as compared to other uploaders.

Due to the efficient encoding techniques used by YIFY, the movie which they upload were easily downloadable without losing much data. These were the main attraction for people and they got popular among the torrent community quickly.


With popularity, comes troubles. Due to continuously uploading movies which is a clear case of copyright infringement, several production companies stood against the YTS group.

Lawsuits were filed against the group stating multiple copyright infringement and the original YIFY Torrents group was forced to terminate their operation. YIFY’s shutdown was a great hit on the torrent community, especially those who seek high-quality movies with reasonable file size.

The Rise of YTS as an Independent Website

Due to the shutdown of actual YIFY group who uploads movies to torrent websites, people were struggling to get pirated movies of good quality. Since YIFY had good reputation and trust among the community, the current team who manages the YIFY website saw this as an opportunity and made a website exclusively to release quality content under the YTS’s name.

People didn’t care much about this change, as they were once again getting the same quality content to download. Needless to say, the website was a huge hit and they had millions of unique visitors and page views in a day.

YIFY Torrents(YTS) Proxy Sites and Mirrors

YTS ProxyStatus

Why you need YIFY Proxy to access YTS?

YIFY, like all other sites which distribute pirated movies and other digital content, faces many legal suits in different countries. In some countries, the Government agencies issues orders to block that particular domain.

Internet service providers thereby block the mentioned URLs to comply with the order and make it nearly impossible to access the site without proper proxy or VPN.

Proxy sites or mirrors creates a different alias of the website which makes it accessible to people where the real domain is blocked. Even these proxies get banned overtime and the team gets back with another proxy to avoid traffic disruption.

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How to Unblock YTS/ YIFY Torrents Using a VPN

Proxies are just aliases of the host website and can get blocked at any time soon. Even though websites come up with new and better high speed working proxies soon, it cannot be considered as an efficient method to access YTS. Moreover, proxy websites offer little or no security at all to the users. 


Your ISP and Government can monitor your online activity if needed and can lead you to legal issues. Accessing blocked websites may result in unwanted troubles depending upon the laws that exist in your country.

Therefore in order to avail maximum security and minimize the risk of getting monitored, it is advised to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

There are several VPN providers which offer both FREE and Paid functionality. Free services may be restricted by speed or the amount of data that can be transferred depending upon the provider. Also, some of the VPN services do not allow P2P (Peer to Peer) connection, which is essential for working of torrents.

Therefore, before deciding to use a VPN for torrenting, one should make sure that the provider supports P2P file sharing. Some of the best VPNs for torrenting are Express VPN, Nord VPN, CyberGhost VPN

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